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Thank you for a most amazing reading. Your accuracy and incredible ability to pin-point the truth helped me to realise the reasons why certain events lead up to the circumstances I asked about today. Not only did you help me to uncover why and how these circumstances happened, you also assisted me in moving the grief and blockages I experienced as a result of these occurrences that bothered me so much and have caused me such grief and anxiety.

Thank you in also in helping me understand that the situation I found myself in was not a negative end but an opportunity to make a decision and choose a new direction by changing my attitude. I feel like the burden has been lifted from me that was heavily weighing me down.

Jennifer F.
Cairns, QLD


Hi Carolyn
How can I thank you for the help you gave me during a reading. Not only did you tell me
things that I needed to hear about my self, things I was afraid to face up to. Still there were
things that gave me insights which was filled with sunshine. I came to you in a state of deep
depression. You asked me to look into my heart and doing so I saw a crying child. You than
decided to do the Confession technique with me. It was amazing to see and feel the light
that filled my heart. It was amazing.
Thank you Carolyn for being there for me that day. I will never forget it!
Love and light.

A. Norton.
Cairns, QLD


An amazing experience to be identified as the person I am. The enlightenment I received through this spiritual reading, I trust will guide me to heal myself and gain true authenticity in the person I am meant to be.

Sally L.


This experience has been very powerful for me as it has lifted me from feeling dark, to being light again. It has given me clarification. Also confirmation of where I  have been at this time and where I really need to be. Thank you.

Wendy S.


My first go at this, I found it extremely interesting, helpful and very intuitive. Thank you.



Hi Carolyn,

Your energy reading gave me a profound insight into the areas of me which require spiritual healing. I understood in a direct way how these areas requiring healing were co-creating my apparent stagnancy. The sorrow I have carried and your approach to healing and releasing it assisted me into the next phase on my path. You presented the reading in such an accessible and simple way. Your approach to my reading was with a respect for both me and your work in this realm. I thank you and recommend others take the opportunity to receive such a gift of clarity.

Kind Regards
A. Darton Sydney


Thank you for being such an honest and generous soul. You have made me conscious of a whole new world - that of thoughts and energy i.e. my thoughts and feelings have brought me to where I am today which means I am fully responsible for my tomorrow. I was expecting a tarot card reading and was so pleasantly surprised to receive a healing session - a new experience for me. It was so timely and one of the most valuable lessons I have received in many years. Your advice and guidance is truly appreciated - thank you.

Mary T.
Sydney NSW


Good Morning Carolyn,

While visiting in Sydney recently on holiday, I attended the Paddington market and had a reading with you, which was amazingly accurate and which helped me immensely at a difficult time, giving me great strength and comfort.

I may be wrong, but I recall you saying that you occasionally travel with your work and was hoping that if you were planning on coming to Melbourne at any stage that you might notify me so that I can arrange a reading with you while you are here. I have told another girlfriend of my reading with you and she would also be keen to book a reading.

So if you are planning a trip to Melbourne at any stage which might incorporate work, I would be very pleased if you would let me know so that both my friend and I can hopefully book you for a reading.

Many thanks
T. Forrester


I have had 2 readings with Carolyn and both have been incredible. She definitely doesn't tell you what you may wish to hear, but tells you the truth, which helps me then make the right choices and gives me the strength to move on with my life.

Whenever I have spoken to Carolyn she goes above and beyond. I don't just receive a reading - she teaches me new ways of looking at things, refers me to books, audios etc. that totally change the way I think and feel about situations. She seems to introduce me to a new stage of my life.

I am eager to find out more soon. I totally recommend her.

Thanks again Carolyn
M. Portasmith

Thank you again for a wonderful reading with lots love and compassion.

The readings Carolyn gives are always consistent and full of wisdom and depth. Since she connects with the divine, she picks up the smallest details and gets messages beyond the cards.

We both cried together since the insights she gave me were not easy and confirmed part of my gut feeling. Luckily each challenge has its positive sides. Without the reading I would have dwelled in a negative state instead of seeing this time as a very graceful time having the light as the goal in front of my eyes.

Together with Carolyn's gift of Orion healing, where she could pull out fears, doubts, beliefs, vows and much more, this was an awesome experience with a beautiful being.

S. Koch
I had the good fortune to receive a Tarot reading by Carolyn. I chose a general reading and was interested to see that she included my birth date numerology. I was completely amazed at Carolyn's insight; in fact, I felt as though she was looking right into the very heart of me. It was as though I was being peeled back layer by layer to receive messages from my inner self. I found it quite disconcerting and experienced some deep emotions. Carolyn is very observant and asked if she was being too direct, however I preferred to hear her wisdom in its truth. The reading was quite profound for me.

I highly recommend that anyone wishing to have a wise and insightful Tarot reading should seek out Carolyn; you will certainly be pleased you did.

Margaret B

I definitely got a great deal out of our session and felt a great lift in my soul regarding my work - where before I was heavy-hearted about being a full-time healer, I now am bursting with love and energy for the work, and importantly I am heavily booked - so thank you. I haven't been able to concentrate enough with the Confessions Technique (due to ....) other than to re-visit old ground - my challenge is the "trust in men" thing and when I feel more settled I will certainly be working through my issues. Once again thanks for the gift of the technique and your healing energy.

Gwynneth S


My experience with Carolyn was profound and extremely moving. Considering that a reading can reach deep into your soul and touch on hurt, grief and regret, Carolyn's warmth as a person puts you at ease. The accuracy of capturing events and circumstances that may have shaped your life is astounding. Carolyn's thought provoking insights for the future are expressed with such clarity, the experience was so much more enlightening than I could have ever hoped for. I am grateful for Carolyn's time and ability that she so readily shares.

Russell B.


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