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Mission Statement

It is my aim to give you back to your truth and wisdom and awaken you to who you really are.

Do you need guidance on a personal issue?

Have you ever asked yourself “What does my future hold? What is in store for me? Am I on the right path? How do I know if I am making the right decision?”?

The Tarot is a powerful tool to provide guidance, direction and insight from your Higher Self, to show you how you can achieve your goals. It mirrors your subconscious mind, which is often difficult to access and which is also responsible for creating your future. So even though you think that you are being very positive and optimistic, deep down you may fear the changes it will bring you if you follow your calling. In other words, your security may be threatened if you:

  1. Give up the big pay packet to pursue something you love
  2. Leave a bad marriage or
  3. Say what you really mean.

Fate is what happens to you when you give in to your fear. Destiny is what you determine by following your calling and stepping into the unknown with trust and courage. The future is what you make it based on the choices you make (or don’t make) moment by moment. Your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and feelings determine your destiny; they are formative. For example, if you expect the worst outcome, you will attract that which you fear.

I can offer you psychic readings, clairvoyance, soul readings and spiritual guidance on any issue to:

  • achieve greater happiness, health and wellbeing
  • gain clarity and assurance in making the right choices
  • stop repeating old patterns of behaviour which no longer benefit you
  • resolve your personal issues and find your direction in life
  • find peace of mind with loved ones
  • exercise healthy boundaries
  • achieve greater financial success
  • attain confidence and self esteem

For your face-to-face, phone or Skype reading; corporate event; party or hen's night, call Carolyn, or book a reading now.


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